"Music doesn’t lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.”

— Jimi Hendrix

About us

Reel to Reel Restoration, is a family owned Reel-To-Reel Restoration & Repair business. Our passion lives in the sound and only quality equipment can get you there. RRR, Inc. has successfully restored and sold over 900 decks, serviced over 8,000 and we are just getting started! Whether you need repair or full restoration RRR can get you the results you require. We deliver all over the world, drop us a line to discuss current or future inventory.

Meet Ozzy!


Osvaldo Micheloni, or, "Ozzy" as we all call him is the lead tech at Reel to Reel Restoration. Ozzy started to build custom speakers with his Father around 10 years old. He was certain he would go into speaker design and build, UNTIL, he heard his first reel to reel. Since then, over a 50 year period, Ozzy has serviced & restored thousands of Tape Decks!

Ozzy believes that Analog can bring an actual experience to the viewer. He puts this passion and of course his expertise into every restoration!


Check out what others are saying!

Studer A-810

Ozzy took this bridge version A-810 and turned into a console version! It is absolutely incredible! I can't stop playing it, recording with it and repeating. Full recap, reprogramming of the battery (even gave me an extra one as he wasn't sold on the first battery!), heads relaped by JRF Magnetics, new pinch rollers and more! I don't shop anyone else for tape decks or their related products!

Stephen, Palo Alto, CA

Otari MX50N

Hi Ryan,

Just a quick update on the Otari Mx 50 tape deck. It arrived in beautiful condition and performs flawlessly. Packing was exceptional. I am really impressed by the sound and performance of this machine. I continue to follow the website and see that you guys are specialized in Otari decks. I am encouraged to buy from you guys in the future.

Dr. Zoltan, Los Angelos

Revox MKII

I almost gave up on tape after being, well, lied to, stolen from and generally left wondering by so many so called "techs". Reel to Reel Restoration is the real deal! Some of their machines are on display in the Reel to Reel Haven showroom, OH MY GOD! Way more than just Otari's (Revox, Technics, Studer, Scully's etc) - They do business with major universities, museums and various importers throughout the world. You WERE the best kept secret but not anymore, telling ALL my friends there is finally a reliable company out there!

Jack, Nevada

Otari MX5050BII2

I have been an audiophile, or at least have tried to imitate one, since I was 13. During that time I have spent an obscene amount of discretionary and not so discretionary income on all things audio. In that pursuit I have begun enduring friendships, relationships and acquaintances both professional and personal with numerous folks.  Most have been helpful and friendly,  others not so much, yet big picture all have brought benefit to me, as I hope and believe I have to them.That said, the relationship that is just beginning with Reel to Reel Heaven has already proved extraordinary. Not only are Ryan, his wise and learned father in law, and the rest of their team at the absolute top of their game when it comes to resto and refurb of all things R2R, but they are amongst the most talented, skilled, meticulous and, for a guy with 1000 questions like myself, the most  patient group of guys I have had the pleasure of working with these last 50+ years!Already, the very thought of doing business with another R2R company would clearly not only be a poor choice but a reckless one as well.  These guys really know their stuff! Sure, they're in it for the money, however and more importantly they're in it to stoke the flames of passion that ignite our love of the best possible medium to duplicate music in your home or studio, and it shows. Of note, my Otari MX5050B2ii was shipped from their MI HQ to my home in S Florida. It arrived as though it was shipped real time from Otari direct to my door with no 40 year gap in time nor a spec of dust visible anywhere, a sign that their hearts are in this, that it runs deep through their blood.To state that they take their time to instruct their lucky purchasers in proper setup, configuration, use and most importantly maintenance of their refurbished to perfection decks is to state the obvious. They have a REQUIREMENT that all recipients of the fruits of their labor schedule a video chat so that they can, live and in real time, instruct us on the use and care of the machines we purchase so that we derive as much enjoyment out of using them as they seem to have had rebuilding them.

In a nutshell, my entire experience with R2R Heaven, from my first inquiry via email to my pleasure and pride in owning one of their fully and meticulously restored machines has been exemplary. We can all derive more enjoyment from our music on tape if we allow Reel to Reel Heaven to provide it and guide us through maximizing its potential.  More than enough said here. These guys play on another level of excellence. 10/10.  

Wayne, Florida

Technics 1520

Sorry to my last tech, found my forever tech! Full recap job on my new Studer A810! I am beyond impressed with the entire job. They even know how to ship! Double boxed, rigid board, molding foam, bubble wrap, NO MOVEMENT! The technical capabilities, aesthetic details and wood finishes are clearly visible. Hats off to you gents!

David, Brooklyn

Otari MX5050BIII2

This review marks my first entry into Reel-to-Reel (RTR) music tapes that are commercially available to those of us who are lucky enough to own an RTR tape deck. I purchased an Otari MX-5050B-III-2 deck a few months ago from Reel to Reel Heaven (reeltoreelrestoration.com), my best tape deck experience so far. It is in excellent condition and after cleaning it and calibrating it to my tape of choice, ATR Magnetics Master Tape, I decided to try out some music tapes. I was a bit hesitant about this, as some of them are very expensive, and I was afraid I might be wasting my time and money. However, I did manage to find a few companies that market tapes at reasonable prices. One of them is International Phonograph, Inc., which is based in Chicago, Illinois. After corresponding with the owner, Jonathan Horwich, I purchased
their Jazz Sampler Numbers One and Two. They arrived in a carefully packed box by UPS a few days ago.


John Johnson, Secrets of Home Theater & Hi Fidelity

Otari MX5050BII2

I’ve been into high end audio since the mid 1970s, just a teenager at the time.  I had numerous reel to reel tape decks through my home stereo business at the time, and always marveled at their ability to faithfully record any audio source, whether live or from vinyl records.
Nearly 50 years later, the time came to get “back in the game” and pick up a serious, prosumer deck and in my search I stumbled upon the folks at Reel To Reel Heaven (www.reeltoreelrestoration.com).  We chatted a great deal and became friends due to our shared passion long before I pulled the trigger and purchased one of their fully restored Otari MX-5050BII-2 machines.  Ryan and Ozzie have been absolutely fantastic in regard to customer service and their depth of knowledge is impressive.  Being able to chat with Ozzie directly about setup and calibration has proved invaluable.  The unit was meticulously packed for safe transport to Maui, Hawaii and arrived in perfect condition.  Their attention to detail was immediately evident and I can’t wait to get this deck into the studio with some local bands and start showing them why tape is (still) king.  
It’s a real crap shoot out there in the used reel to reel tape deck market, in regard to the condition of the machine you might be buying and how much work it may require, as well as proper packing and shipping methods to get it to you safely.  Working with Reel to Reel Heaven (www.reeltoreelrestoration.com) took the guess work and uncertainty out of my purchase and they back their machines 100% with amazing customer service.  I’m so happy I went with them to get a restored, reliable machine into my hands to start pursing my passion again, recording music!

Mark, Hawaii

Shipping & Returns Polices


We do not get involved with shipping. We provide numerous photos of the packing materials utilized and photos of the box un-damaged at the carrier drop location. We encourage doing a facetime call to see the machine in action; happy to have it recorded.

No returns offered on restored tape decks.


Our restorations come with a 90 day warranty. Should something break down within the 90 days not related to shipping damage or accidental user error causing damage, Reel to Reel Restoration, will repair at no charge. Customer pays shipping