Into Analog?

Think you have a cool setup? Something analog to share? Should we be telling your story along side of you?!?!?!?!?! Call us so we can help promote you & Tape!

Pictured here

CO-Founder of Berlinetta Brewing Co., the raddest place to grab a pint, AND founder of the most insightful vintage audio blog/vlog that we know of, Preservation Sound, Chris Ruggiero.

Despite the brewing process to the left of us being a little noisey the audio in the pub was incredible. Two tape decks control the audio in the place (along with some really cool custom tube amps). Around the corner are two vintage turn tabels and another deck (Akai) powered by more custom tube amps. Check out Chris' blog to see the amps in the pub.

Berlinetta has a great feel to it. Not in your face, kind of cozy and inviting but not dark hahaha. You can hang with friends or stay to yourself with the turn table. We had a blast getting to know Chris over an incredible beer, bought some records and learned a ton. Thanks Chris!