Chris Ruggiero Interview

Chris Ruggiero Interview

We sit down with Emmy nominated composer and producer, analog lover, and editor of Preservation Sound, Chris Ruggiero.  


It was incredible to meet Chris. Long time fan, have learned some much just from his Preservation Sound Instagram/Blog page. When people ask me what he is like I tell them that he is wildly insightful, pure to his love for analog, exploration and truth. He doesn't go out of his way to express it but if you love vintage audio you can sort of feel that he is that way. A good human I would say which is one of the highest compliments. The hi-fi brewery was incredible, again you can tell he is in love with vintage audio! You can sit with friends, or sit in peace, alone at the private turn-table with your headphones. You can have fantastic beer and of course hear that sweet analog sound! Go Visit asap! 
Ryan O'Connor

Preservation Sound 
Instagram @preservationsound
Online @ 

Berlinetta Brewing Co. 
90 Golden Hill Street
Bridgeport, CT 06604 
(203) 549-8203

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