300+ Working Reel to Reel collection

300+ Working Reel to Reel collection

Welcome to another episode of… Straight to Tape!

Follow us on our journey to show you who’s using tape and just how they’re using it… On this episode we interview Dr. Andrew Zaretsky, owner of over 300+ WORKING tape decks, wow! 

The preservation of these historical machines and sounds is most impressive! As is his understanding that tape is better than vinyl! Take a look at the full video to see this amazing collection! From what would be considered the lowest of the consumer grade all over the world, like Webcor for example all the way to the tube only Studer, the Ampex 300 and so many more! 

The collection is only growing and preservation steps are underway to ensure they last forever! 

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300+ Working Reel to Reel Collection