Myriad Magentics

specializes in the restoration and support of the Ampex ATR-102, the industry standard for 2-track recording and reproduction. Dan Labrie, founder of Myriad Magnetic, is an industry leader in analog tape recorder restoration, with 12 years of focused Ampex ATR-100 series work. With the creation of Myriad Magnetic, Dan is using his expertise developed working with the ATR-102 to expand his restoration and service work to include Studer A810, Otari MTR-10 and more. Myriad Magnetic knows no bounds in its efforts to preserve and amplify magnetic recording technology.

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Myriad Magnetics provides technical expertise in the form of comprehensive rebuilding services, circuit board repairs, and parts and accessories for professional analog tape recorders. We also offer consultation, on-site training workshops and maintenance contracts.

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