“They're powerful, those songs. At times they've been my only way back, the only door out of the dark, bad places the black dog calls home.”

— Johnny Cash

Reel to Reel Haven / Repair
Brooklyn, NY & Chicago, IL

Reel to Reel Haven provides tape deck repair services to semi-pro/professional grade tape decks. From two channel to Multi-Track, we can repair any deck! Please visit our page to learn about us and our technicians. In field services available. *(Please note that we do NOT repair akai, teac, panasonic, phillips and many other consumer grade tape decks)

We also have a live studio and lounge as well as showroom where you can choose your hubs & reels, pick the deck you want and let her rip! Come vist! (*By appointment only)

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Reel to Reel Restoration / Restoration
Sterling Heights, MI

Reel to Reel Restoration is a professional tape deck repair and restoration company. Focusing on the restoration of two & four channel reel to reels ranging from $1,400-$12,000. The company also provides repair services on all brands ranging from Akai to Studer.

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Alter Ego Appearance / Restoration
Brooklyn, NY

Providing complete rebuilds and custom modifications, Alter Ego Appearance brings tape deck restoration to the next level. Creating brand new front panels, jewelry grade metal lettering, powder coating, 3D printing, coding for custom modifications and much more. Please check us out to learn more about our one of a kind inventory.

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